Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Love Unceasingly

To love unceasingly is to love unconditionally. It is to accept differences in principles, values and idealogy. It is to remain committed, without exception, in the face of doubt and uncertainty. It is to put others before self.

This is what true love is all about.

Love Grows With Time

Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt. Love begins with a liking and grows with familiarity. It is nutured with patience and thrives with tolerance.

When we choose to commit ourselves to loving others without pre-conditions, we choose to develop relationships that endure the test of time.

When we choose to love others in this way, we choose to improve the quality of our experience of life.

Permit me to explain why this is so.

The Pschology Of Love

When our minds are focussed on loving others unconditionally, we condition ourselves to view others with an open mind.

With this mindset, we can never experience disappointment because we have no expectations of others.

On the other hand, if people do not live up to our expectations of them, we would be disappointed over and over again.

The Consequence Of Loving

When we choose to love others, we shall be loved in returned.

Though the way in which others choose to return love may not be visibly noticeable at first, it should be noted that not all people reciprocate love in the same way.

Good things take time, and love is no exception.

Choose To Love

To choose to go through life with a loving attitude would be to choose to be happy.

This life is a short one. Live it well and choose to love unceasingly.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kim's Famous Hokkien Noodles

Kim's Famous Hokkien Noodles in now located at the junction of Jalan Eunos and Jalan Kechot. If you do not know which "Kim" I'm referring to, then you definitely have never tasted one of the best Hokkien Noodles in Singapore.

Hokkien Noodles That Are Outstanding

This hokkien noodle stall has won accolade after accolade from newspapers and magazines. I first found out about it during the late 1970's when my father used to be a regular customer to this stall. The queue was always long and waiting times ranged from 30 to 45 minutes if you were lucky.

Back in those days, Kim's stall was located near Jalan Masjid on Changi Road.

Best Dressed Hokkien Noodle Seller

Kim was also famous for being the best dressed hokkien me seller in Singapore. He would always wear branded long-sleeved shirts and pants, a solid gold Rolex, a diamond studded Dunhill pen in his shirt pocket, Bally shoes and a Cartier belt when frying his noodles.

His stall was so popular that you would often see him frying his noodles way past midnight, sometimes even up to 3.00 am.

Kim Is Still Around

Quite by chance, I caught of rare glimpse of the grand old man a few weeks ago. Though older and stouter, his features and voice were unmistakable. He happened to be at the stall and even fried a special wok of "extra ingredients" hokkien noodles for a table full of his die-hard customers that have faithfully followed him from Changi Road to his present location.

Though a younger man fries noodles these days, the recipe remains the same. So if you're ever in that area, do yourself a favour and order a plate of Kim's Famous Hokkien Noodles. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Like Rivers Overflowing

Like rivers overflowing are the hearts that beat as one.
The time that's spent together is like dew exposed to sun.
The special tender moments shall live on in eternity.
That true love never ends remains a certainty.

Hearts are meant for loving, like rivers meant to flow.
A love that's pure and giving will always ever grow.
Rivers will meander until they find the sea.
What once was but a trickle now rushes strong and free.

Through countless lives and faceless crowds, the world's a lonely place.
A memory of the one that's loved, the heart does not erase.
When two hearts are reunited, there's a joyfulness in knowing
that hearts filled with love are like rivers overflowing.