Monday, June 1, 2009

Like Rivers Overflowing

Like rivers overflowing are the hearts that beat as one.
The time that's spent together is like dew exposed to sun.
The special tender moments shall live on in eternity.
That true love never ends remains a certainty.

Hearts are meant for loving, like rivers meant to flow.
A love that's pure and giving will always ever grow.
Rivers will meander until they find the sea.
What once was but a trickle now rushes strong and free.

Through countless lives and faceless crowds, the world's a lonely place.
A memory of the one that's loved, the heart does not erase.
When two hearts are reunited, there's a joyfulness in knowing
that hearts filled with love are like rivers overflowing.


Pam said...


terence yap said...

Thanks, Pam. :)

Margie said...

So beautiful!
Captured my heart!


terence yap said...

Thank you, Margie. I am a fan of your poetry.